Saturday, 16 January 2010

new to me - but what do you think?

You may have noticed that the first blogs below this one were collected Tweets - yes I have been persuaded to experiment with both blogging and Twitter as a way of keeping the OneG community up to speed with what's going on. I started with Twitter as 140 characters didn't seem like a tough ask - but while it was initially hard to think of topics, once you do it's hard to stop at 140 characters!

Let's see how it goes. And crucially what your reaction is to both of them. Feedback please!

As I get the hang of this it may/should become a blend of OneG news and also views and questions. Maybe I can also persuade some of the global OneGeology team to become authors on this blog too ....... Anyone up for that?

What did become apparent when I started Tweeting - maybe it should have been obvious, but it wasn't - was just how much OneG-related activity is going on. Maybe not always major stuff like the IGC in Oslo, or the meetings in Buenos Aires, but a steady stream of things happening, things which usually link to much wider and important geoscience and spatial data events and developments. Just looking at these first few days of the year, in addition to the good news of new countries about to serve data, we have invites to submit papers and presentations to some major conferences and OneG is being considered as a candidate as a GEO showcase for the Ministerial Summit in Beijing!

So, not sure how this blog will develop but let's see. Your feedback on whether it's a worthwhile thing to do would be very much appreciated and also what you'd like to see written about.

Looking forward to comments......


  1. Welcome to the geoblogosphere, Ian!

  2. 'Good on you' for having a bash at a blog. There's such a lot happening with 1G that I think a blog will serve the community well - time will tell.

  3. Hello Ian,

    Long time no see :)
    Even outside of PT GS I keep my interest in 1G and will follow (and help, if needed) your always interesting initiatives.
    Stay well and keep up with the good work.

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